Welcome to the Hellenic - Kenyan Forum, the networking website for Greek and Kenyan investors, entrepreuneurs, senior staff and other members of the Hellenic-Kenyan Forum who would like to connect with their counterparts in both countries.

This post will give you the basic guidelines to join the Forum and use the site effectively.

First of all, if you are not one already, you have to become a member of the Chamber (for registration form click here), and then please follow these steps:

1. Click "Create a new account" under the login form in the homepage.

2. Fill username, password, your personal and company's information and click "Submit". PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL REQUIRED FIELDS ARE MARKED WITH AN ASTERISK (*).

3. A message will arrive to your inbox to inform you that your account is under approval process.

4. After the website administrator reviews your account details and approves them, then a new message will arrive to your inbox with a "one time login url".

5. Log in to "forum.ekechamber.org " and set your password.

6. After you logged in you will be able to see your profile, edit it or report a problem.

7. To start using the site, click "Join Groups" or "Find groups" or the home tab to navigate to the group page.

8. Click onto the title of the group you are interested in and in the group's page, in the right column under "Group membership" click "Subscribe to group". Your request is approved automatically. 

9. or from the group table in "Find Groups page" click "Subscribe to group" from the "Join Link" colum in the right. Your request is approved automatically .

10. After you subscribed to a group you may see the members of that group, their requests, their profiles. You may also post your request by clicking "Post your request here" under the "Members' requests" in the main content of the group's page.

11. To find a company you may click to "Find a company" tab from the main menu at the top or type the name of the company in the search box in the rigth sidebar.


For any further information or other issue please contact us: